Remote Support

We can help you with your computer problems and issues.

Still We Can Fixing your PC issues, removing viruses, & resolving annoying bugs, errors and pop ups and etc ....

You don’t need to disconnect your computer and bring it to us. You don’t even need to stay in, once we have established a secure link to your computer through our software, we can complete the repair as though we are in front of your PC. All the work is carried out using the power of remote access and the internet. Better still the prices are fixed, no matter how long we take to effect the repair and with our no fix no fee policy
There are only a few scenarios where a remote repair would not be available
1) No network connectivity or internet connection, the system we use makes it necessary for us to be able to connect to your computer remotely via the internet, to be to offer our remote PC support services.
2) Startup problems, if you are unable to boot your machine to your desktop due to hardware problems, such as memory or hard disk failure.